Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OP/ED Article

Why Is There No Trade?!?!

    All the people have been wondering why they do not see ships in the Chinese ports. They have also noticed why there are no ships leaving the ports of China. They have noticed the items brought from other places by trade boats slowly disappearing. They have heard that the emperor will not let sea trade with other nations. Therefore, he chose to close the Chinese ports.
    Many people have reported that this as a problem that must be solved. They think that there should be trade in China in order for China to grow and develop. Trade will help them grow and develop because they will get new items from other people. Then they can trade those items for other materials that they do not have. Also if they trade they will get new ideas from other people and communities and that will help them grow.
    Trade is important because it is an easy way for China to grow. If they do not trade, they will not get bigger and will not improve. Also if they do not trade, they are exposing themselves to invaders. This is exposing them to invaders because invaders know that China will not be expecting attacks because there is no way for them to know. They do not have a way of communicating with other people outside China. The only way of communication is by going on foot and to nearby places. While other people are getting new information, China is not, therefore, it is not  easy for them to expand their knowledge of the world.
    Recommendations for China to solve this problem are to let there be trade in China. Also to make sure you know what is going in and out of China. This will prevent terrorist attacks and criminals leaving China. If they make control posts and put guards and inspectors near the ports, they will be a lot more safe. The inspectors would go in the ships and make sure that there are no illegal items on the ship so they will not do harm to the country. The guards would make sure the inspection goes well and help the inspectors if they need it.
    Closing China’s door to trade can be a good thing because they will not make bad decisions with what happens to China. There is always a possibility that the inspectors could miss something and the people coming into China could have weapons and they would cause harm to them. If they close trade, there will be no wars or arguments.
    Keeping China’s trade open is better for them because that is the way they will grow. If they close trade, then it would be even worse like that. China can not grow by itself. It needs the help of other countries, communities, and people to become a large, developed country.

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